Farewell My Dearest PR Fellows


Public Relations, an area I never thought I would enter in. But I indeed fall in love with this magic industry after this precious year in the University of Westminster.

As a business-background undergraduate student who is enthusiastic with communication and media, choosing PR as my MA major is totally by chance. I even couldn’t remember why I decided to choose this major. Compare with the incommensurate period in the beginning, I am totally devote myself at the end of the term.

This unforgettable year is full of trying, failing, learning, growing, taking a few teensie weensie steps and a few giant across-the-universe leaps. It is a precious year full of tear, laugh and love. I clearly know I still have lots of imperfect regrets, but the life at Westminster has already enough for me to experience what is pretty damn awesome.

I know this post is quite emotional but, I can’t stop myself to express my real feelings.

I am expecting one day in the coming future, our excellent classmates could get together, set up a PR firm, then I am pretty sure we will become the most powerful PR firm in London.

Last but not least, I appreciate this year’s experiences in Westminster, in our small PR team. I appreciate the chance to be friends with all of you amazing guys. To all of us, we made it; To all of you, I love you!




A PR Revelation of Michelle Obama’s visit in China


Recently, Michelle Obama’s visit to China hasbeen dominated by many news media as an important headline, and Michelle’s trip has also become the focus of many netizens. As far as I guess, behind Michelle’s visit to China, the White House public relations team may have been for the Chinese audience with an American-style public relations. What inspiration can be gotten by this “White House” style PR for us?

A Nurturing Style PR to Chinese

In the PR of Michelle’s visit to China, the White House public relations team has used a smart PR strategy: By creating the topic in the United States and large-scale spread in China. In the PR industry, it is known as A Nurturing Style PR.

The U.S. President Barack Obama participated in the famous American live show “Ellen Show” hosted by Ellen DeGeneres on the 20th via the video.

Ellen asked Obama: “Michelle and your girls are abroad now, we want to know if you make your bed tidy the morning?”

Obama had a humorous replied: “Nope, after my darlings left, the room was dirty, and smelly socks everywhere, I spent all day with my dogs as partners.”

In fact, think carefully about it, the answer is not difficult to find that Obama is certainly laying. Personnel services for the president in the White House is more than a hundred people, how would smelly socks everywhere happen just because Michelle’s left?

From a PR perspective, Obama’s words are aiming to create such a better spread point, let the media being more “crazy” to forward the news. In order to promote Michelle’s visit through an interesting way indirectly.

After this talk show, Chinese media have showered with “Obama’s visit to China to talk about his wife: full of smelly socks”, “complained the Obama TV: Full House smelly socks” and other titles of the publication, Sina, Sohu, Phoenix and other key sites have carried reports that more than 90% of the media these “interesting news” for the spread. Indeed, through this event, a very clever PR team behind the realization of the “flank spread Michelle’s visit,” to the purpose of dissemination. Truly by “Obama Interview” event detonate nurturing Chinese media PR.

Occasion to Chinese Culture, Evoke the Emotional Resonance*** BESTPIX *** First Lady Michelle Obama Travels to China - Day 5


In the process of exploring China, Michelle continued to use “Chinese culture” as a bridge to provoke the Chinese people’s emotional resonance. When visiting China, Michelle wore a dress with the typical “Red China”, you know the red symbolizes celebration in China, but that is another layer of meaning in the United States (U.S. stocks fell, said color is red). On the day of visiting the school, Michelle wrote a word as the symbol of friendship coexist with a brush “forever”. In addition, she visited the Great Wall and the make the inscription.

Through the public relations thinking, it is not difficult to find, every process of Michelle’s tour, are trying to create a “news point” which is valuable to report. Only Michelle recognized Chinese culture and spread information through the media, U.S. first lady’s visit could be more meaningful.

A Powerful Force of “First Lady” PR


Although the diplomatic of First Lady in China has just begun, but there already has a long history in the foreign countries.

In a general public relations level, leaders positive image can be enhanced through their wives participation of various charitable activities. When the lady’s brand awareness being improved, the reputation of the leader would also being enhanced. For instance, in the TV series the “House of Cards”, the protagonist Frank’s wife, is a charity project leader, the purpose is to create “good wife” image, to make a positive propaganda to her husband’s campaign.

In fact, this is a smart method also often be used in companies public relations. For example, when some entrepreneurs to participate in a television interview, they would rather to bring their wife. Aiming to convey some “entrepreneurs always cooking, laundering, and do house working at home” by his wife. Fuller shape the image of entrepreneurs and make their image more vivid. That is far more importantly and eye-catching than the boring financial and product information.

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See You on Monday!


Last weekend, a post from Xie Xiao, an editor-in-chief of a paparazzi magazine caused uproar in Sina Weibo. She said she has some evidences about the betrayal of Wen Zhang, a Chinese major film and TV star. Xie said she will publish all the pictures they took on the coming Monday. Therefore, netizens create a hashtage #See you on Monday# on Weibo and it became the top topic immediately.

During the weekend, all the social media platforms became a national forum for netizens to discuss this unbelievable news. Why it is unbelievable? Because Wen Zhang’s personal image is always a considerate husband and a competent father. He married with his wife Ma Yili, a famous actress in TV series for eight years. When they were marry, Wen was just a walk on role in the movie, but Ma had already been the hottest actress in China’s TV industry. He once said many times in the TV show: ”the most proud things in my life is My Wife is Ma Yili”! He always be regarded as the representative of the superior husband. When everyone is guess whether the Weibo post is real or not, Wen posted a statement via his personal Weibo account – to apologise to his wife in public. “I have brought this upon myself… Please accept my heart-felt apology and remorse… My mistake does not deserve to be forgiven, and it will be difficult for me to make amends for all the harm I’ve caused,” he wrote.

However, the netizens seems not do not want to accept his apology. The open nature of his response resonated with Weibo users, provoking a wave of activity on the network. It has now been shared 1.25 million times, and generated almost 2 million comments. The figures continue to grow, and the post has become the biggest ever to appear on the network. Many respondents were unimpressed: “Wen Zhang deceived all of us. He gained popularity by presenting himself as a good man and a good dad. But he has now turned out to be a hypocrite,” said one. “You have been having an affair for a year and never repented. Now you are repentant just a day after you were exposed?” another posted. Some pointed out that the comments on Zhang’s page weren’t as abusive as those levelled at Yao Di, the woman with whom he had the affair. “Does society treat men and women so differently in terms of the level of tolerance and public opinion?” said one comment.

His wife Ma Yili answered online, also choosing to post her response on Weibo. “Being in love is easy, being married is not. It is to be cherished,” she wrote, and her own message prompted more than a million comments. Wen Zhang later hit out at the two senior journalists who exposed his affair. “You both have children. When will you stop? If you want to play, play with me alone and don’t involve others,” he posted.

When the netizens are suspect the capability of Wen Zhang’s PR team, another post from an account named “Ma Yili’s Father” said like this: “ To the editor-in-chief: I don’t know why you are so mean to Wen Zhang that everyone don’t want to forgive him. Only if he would like to recognise his mistake, my daughter would like to forgive him. My granddaughter asked her mum yesterday “Mummy, every news on TV said you and Daddy had divorced. Is it real?” Thus, please let him off, if you want to give him a lesson, it is enough, just let him off… ”. This post not only hasn’t got any sympathy of the netizens but let the netizens are more disgusted with his PR team. How could a lack-educated-background elder man writes such a long lettered announcement? All the details are fully exposed the non-professional reaction of Wen’s PR team when they met crisis.

As a highest exposure public figure, the thing entertainment stars never lack is crisis.

In early 2008, the biggest event on the network is Edison’s “Pornographic” photos scandal. Edison as a Hong Kong icon star, had been exposed a large amount of porn photos. On the February 4, Edison first publicly apologized to the public. He used the method of recording confession in front of a gray wall, with a white shirt, and looked frustrated. Edison said: “In this regard, I feel hurt, pain and distress, I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to any innocent person afflicted by my stupid action.”

On February 21 in the same year, Edison held a press conference, admitted his mistakes again and announced he were quit from the Hong Kong entertainment industry. The same conference is conducted in English, more accurately express what he meant, and he apologized consecutive 13 times during that periods. CNN broadcast of the evening news on the day of the press conference live, to comment: “In America, sex scandals can help one’s career, but not in Asia.”

After the press conference, Tencent conducted an online survey, as of 21:30 the next day, over 37 million votes, about 52 percent of Internet users accepted his apology, and thought he is quite sincere. For Edison decided to quit the Hong Kong entertainment industry, about 48% of Internet users showed sympathy to him, and thought it is a pity.

Now, how is Edison? He came back with a network drama recently, and showed the love moments with his current girlfriend also frequently in the news. Cecilia, one of the influenced girls in that sandal, is now the image of a good mother. One of the most-shared message in Weibo was: “Wen Zhang let too many people down, compared with such a man, I woulf rather prefer Edison with a bunch of problems but knows what is the bottom line”.

In the developing media age, Public Relations should not just write press releases, and then put to the media directly; it is not just aim to make some hits, or the amount of reading; Public relations should not be the combination of promotion, reception, secretary and administer. They should not always hold a “control” attitude to media, and always attempt to “teach the media to speak”.

Network is omnipotent; users are mean but forgetful. Only by taking a frank, positive attitude, and proper use and reliable performance of the text, so that can gain publics’ recognition and understanding, in order to be truly overcome the crisis.

Reference/Relavent Article:

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Public Relations in CHINA.

To the majority of China’s PR participators, their biggest annoying thing should be the misunderstanding of public relations by the general publics. The “Da Vinci public relations event” and the so-called public relations fees referred to “public relations contract” and the “public relations firm, even takes China’s PR into a same concept of corruption in Chinese society. PR becomes a synonymous with spending money in order to clear the negative media coverage. This is undoubtedly making the great public relations professionals suffer from humiliation.

Public relations is a downright exotic concept. With the reform and opening up, the theory of public relations was introduced to China in the 1980s. Public relations had been mistaken in the country of its prevalence “relationship-oriented” society. Especially after 1990, the TV series “hostess” hit, “public relations” has been branded a “Miss” mark. PR participators are left an impression of beautiful and young girls with a strong social ability. Even lots of the students’ parents also own a biased opinion about the PR industry. Whenever a student insisted on learning PR as their main major or working in public relations firm parents always disapprove with their children’s career choices. In their eyes, public relations is a job to engage with different clients, hold the dinner party, and even equals to bribe. Especially for some girls’ parents, they are definitely not assured their girls to be a “hostess”.

On the other hands, PR also mixed up entirely with other industry.


PR is related to communication, but different from the latter. Many people mistakenly PR people as a reporter, just because the PR people sometimes have to write a press release or some other media articles. But the reporter needs to report the news and information to the public, and reporters and observers need to present he fact objectively. Whereas, PR people not only need to report the facts to the public, but also need to show the organization itself or the views and attitudes from customers. The audiences of reporters’ are readers and listeners; they are belonging to the common public. PR people has a various target audience groups, public relations people need to meet their different needs and interests, planning targeted dissemination of content in order to achieve the best communication effects. Reporter route of transmission media they work, and the way PR is diverse, not only the media, a combination of media, as well as advertising and other forms of communication, including marketing activities.


Advertising inseparable media channels, including print media, television and new media, etc. The PR you can use a wider range of communication tools. In addition to media outlets, public attention to the use of forms of communication they own, such as their own websites, brochures, press releases, social activities, promotion, sponsorship and so on. Advertising on external audiences about, and public relations to communicate with internal and external audiences. Advertising major media organizations products and services, and public relations is to establish the organization brand image, build credibility, and establish a good social living environment. Advertising and public relations complementary advertising is an effective public relations tool, public relations is the next line advertising activities. Of course, the cost of advertising is always expensive, and public relations costs may be more or less.


There hasn’t a clear line between public relations and marketing. Essence of public relations is to establish a good relationship with stakeholders, to create a more suitable organization to survive the social environment, and marketing is to create a more conducive to the organization and its customers to sell products and services market. The purpose of marketing is to generate interest and stimulate demand and purchase for the organization to earn more money. PR’s purpose is to help organizations build a good social reputation, create better brand effectiveness, brand impact through marketing expenditures aimed at saving. Advertising and marketing people often linked to mouth the word “market” and “customer”, while PR people leave the mouth is “public” and “stakeholders.” Customer is just one member of the various stakeholders.

To sum up, PR is not a separate activity, public relations is a process. American scholar John Marston in “the essence of public relations” (The Nature of Public Relations) book presents RACE PR mode, clearly show out PR as a process. R refers Research, PR people need to study, identify problems. A refers Action; PR people need to find ways to effectively solve the problem. C refers Communication, PR people need to tell the public what is the problem arising, who is responsible, and the question is how they are resolved. E refers Evaluation; PR people need to assess the effect of communication to reach the target audience it? What effect? These four aspects of each task fully reflected in the work of public relations.

Marston’s RACE process principle gives a high capacity requirement to PR person; PR people should be a generalist. Research and Action in the process, both public relations people need to have a strong insight, problem analysis and problem-solving skills, you also need a strong coordination and decision-making ability, but also has a strong ability to execute. In the process of Communication, PR people need a strong news planning and negotiation skills (including oral and written communication skills). If you face the public and the media to communicate, you also need a strong mental capacity and physical anti-fatigue capabilities, and convincing attitude and appearance. In the Evaluation process, the PR people need to investigate the ability of analytical and scientific judgments.

To be honest, to be a good PR person is not an easy task. In addition to the above need to have the ability to work outside of the comprehensive, public relations people also need to have strong compression capability. As the public relations mission is always multi-faceted, in a hurry, most PR people need more than one person can be a time limit to complete a number of tasks at the same time, overtime, irregular meal times and rest, always under various pressures work, so PR people need good health, good attitude. To be positive is the magic for PR people to overcome the pressure in the work.

At last, hope China’s PR industry could have a bright future.

A Failure Crisis Management=A New Crisis—Reflective of MH370 Issue


About a month ago, a breaking news occupied the front page of every media. “Malaysia MH370” became the top search keywords in every social media platform.

With more than 200 passengers and crews, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 had finally been confirmed that already crushed. However, during the 17 days of anxious waiting, the public relations of Malaysia was totally made the public annoying and disappointing. Those kinds of faulty crisis management not only affected the Airline’s business, but also had large negative effects to their country’s economy. After all, no one can be absolutely avoided any crisis, but the reaction when facing the crisis may be determine the future of the party.

The crisis management of Malaysia Airlines can be regarded as a fatal failure. Malaysia Airlines violated many aspects of the basic principles of crisis management, including rapid response, timely disclosure of information, responsible, honest communication, respect for the right to information and so on. MAS issued the message after five hours of the flight lost contacting. And within two days of announcement, they remained an “unclear” prevaricate attitude. After China took over search and rescue matters, the MAS just need response for the family room and board passengers. However, Malaysia Airlines also had an Oolong arrangement about “Only four families vouchers for each passenger, regardless of the rest of the family”. Their cold blooded and unreasonable reactions lead to more offensive. The failure public relations crisis had not only a dragged down the corporate brand image, but also influenced the country’s tourism industry badly.

Crisis management once been regarded as a sealed, modesty and even prevarication commercial methods, but from individuals, businesses, institutions to industries and even regions, all of them need a basic knowledge of public relations crisis management. Ten years ago, the fire caused by lightning in a small valley in Europe, had changed the international mobile phone market of tripod pattern by Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola. After that, Nokia became the dominance of the industry; Ericsson Mobile was acquired by Sony and became a new brand “Sony Ericsson.” The reason is because at the time the fire hit the mobile phone brand vacuum core chip manufacturing plant, only Nokia did a immediately reaction of crisis management. They monopolized the replacement chip production lines, making it impossible to upgrade the core chip rivals a year.

If you absolutely cannot avoid a crisis, the key function of a successful crisis management is at least won’t let the crisis trigger a new crisis.

Sky News interview with Robert Jensen MH370

Financial Public Relations: A Return to the Essence

Big-Fish-Eat-Little-FishBecause I did my bachelor degree as finance, I have a strong interest in the Financial PR. Since the second half of 2012, the IPO has basically stagnant, resulting in the accumulation of more than 800 companies, which is ready to IPO. In order to address the issue of new shares “quake lake” issue, a “historical of the most severe financial verification” storm has started. It can be said, not only to verify the storm destroyed a lot of wealth to be listed companies’ dream, but also to brokerages, accounting firms boggling. The face of brutal IPO “vacuum”, as an important member of the chain of IPO, what kind of shift Financial Public Relations is experiencing currently?

The principal activities of Financial PR include the IPO PR, refinancing PR, perennial investor relation’s management and crisis communications. In which, IPO occupies the most of the percentage in various Finance Company’s revenues. An enterprise wants to become a public listed company, as well as refinancing, mergers and acquisitions and even withdraw from the market, behind every step of the transaction are inseparable agency professional services, especially financial public relations firm’s services.

Indeed, the capital markets to promote the rapid growth of China’s popular financial public relations industry, but also bring all sorts of problems to the industry as well.

In the eyes of the public, financial public relations services provided by the company have two main aspects: one is the usual corporate roadshow promotional services. On the other hand is a well-known public relations service. In fact, a large financial public relations company insiders said that in order to allow companies to get a good image in the listing before impact investor confidence in the IPO process, from financial public relations companies involved in the IPO market, including the services of professional companies to be listed proposal, carding program, preparing and writing a variety Recommend materials to help businesses roadshow, maintaining corporate image, for crisis public relations. Avoid negative reports and other public relations crisis is just the most basic financial public relations firm, the smallest part of the implementation, the test of a financial public relations firm’s core strength lies in the professional creative planning and execution.

In the current situation, the financial public relations firm in the enterprise capital operation, information disclosure, IPO, investor relations plays an increasingly important role, along with the rapid development of new media, the various financial public relations has begun to return to service nature, especially some domestic large financial public relations firm, such as the nine-rich, Yi bridge Run made ​​other large financial public relations firm, in addition to continuously improve service capabilities and pricing, but in the pursuit of how to provide customers with the highest quality service.

At this stage, the listed company and the business environment facing increasingly complex media environment, almost no pre-listed companies faced the media, with many private executives of listed companies are engaged in the production of technical background, the way to deal with the media often seem “powerless.”, especially when many companies are more or less there are some problems in the listing process. Thus strengthening the crisis management, and effectively improve the enterprise crisis management awareness and ability, is one of many listed companies issues at stake.

With the develop of the news media pluralism and a new era of three-dimensional media, listed companies need professional financial public relations firm to assist it with media relations, crisis communications system to help enterprises build. Especially for Chinese companies to be listed, not only crisis management capabilities, but also need to have sophisticated crisis management strategy to ensure the stable development of the enterprise is always in a state, in the fierce competition in an invincible position.


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Corporate PR: A Special Audience for 3.15

15th of March, is a special day for the all customers. CCTV 3•15 Gala has become a symbol of China’s most trusted forum to protect consumers’ right and to expose the unscrupulous businesses. In this year’s 3•15 Gala, many companies such as Nikon, Da Tang Shen Qi APP, and Ao Miao Ke Mile powder etc. are in the blacklist of delict customers’ right.

Despite of consumers’ concern, there is the other special group pays fully attention on the Gala every year — Corporate PR, but their mood when watching the program is more complex, usually is stressful or relief. According to a car company’s PR representative’s words, although the brand quality is reliable enough, they still worry about any accidents happen. Once a problem does occur, it will soon become a crisis PR challenge for them. Meanwhile, reactions such as market planning adjustment according to the emergencies, and advertising strategy changing should be done immediately.

There is also some companies have set up a specialize team to response the emergency. The company owner as the team leader, watching 3•15 Gala together with every other team members in the company. One of the company’s public relations officer said, they have prepared several different contingency plans. But in fact, they even don’t know whether they are on the blacklist or not. But they have to prepare all in advance. If they are lucky enough, this preparation will just be regarded as a practice of crisis management.

The biggest exposition of this year is about the quality of Nikon Camera. Customers reported that there always have some black spots in the photo taken by Nikon D600. Nikon tried to clean and change the shutter assembly etc., trying to solve the problem, but none of them worked. Moreover, according to the provisions of guarantee, digital camera malfunction occurs during the warranty period, if after two maintenances but still not working, customers can ask for refund. However, Nikon regard the shutter assembly shift change, as a “preventive replacement” which does not recognize it belongs to repair, refused to refund the camera.

After the exposure by CCTV, 00:36 on the next day, Nikon Chinese official Weibo account issued a statement, saying the Gala attaches great importance to the CCTV 3.15 on the “Nikon D600” reports, etc.

As far as I concern, the most important thing after the crisis management is react immediately. For the majority companies, they must have several contingency plans. One of the PR Officer from Weber Shandwick said that if the company has been listed on the blacklist, they have to response within two hours via the official channel, and then make the appropriate internal analysis of the things been exposed. This analysis should be finished probably within one day. Of course, it has to be look at it the severity of the exposure of things, and start the appropriate contingency plans. Normally, they will give some response through some official channels to consumers. Unless they company has reached a kind of highest levels of internal crisis they will work overnight, otherwise they just have to do step by step as the plan.